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Reasons to Move to Long Beach, California

Long Beach is a city on the Pacific Coast of the United States, within the Los Angeles metropolitan area of Southern California.

There’s nothing quite like living in Long Beach, CA. Maybe it’s the laid-back California vibe that sets the city apart from other cities in the Los Angeles Metro Area. Or maybe it’s the fact that the cost of living in Long Beach, CA is far more reasonable than most other places in LA County.

In this post, we explore the reasons people move to Long Beach and why they end up staying here for life.

The weather really is amazing

There’s no exaggerating SoCal weather – with a mild climate and more than 200 days of sunshine each year, Long Beach lends itself well to outdoor exercise and recreation. Enjoy hiking, running, biking, and boating in your own time. Practice yoga right by the water and go for a stroll to relax.

Even Long Beach winters are very mild, which means that you can enjoy your favorite activities year round. However, June to August is peak season for tourists who want to soak up the rays. The crowd thins out soon after, but the weather stays amazing.

It’s got great neighborhoods

This diverse city is home to some of the most sought after neighborhoods in SoCal. From postcard-perfect Naples Island and the bohemian vibe of East Village Arts District, to the hustle and bustle of Downtown to the hip crowd at Eastside, there’s something for everyone in Long Beach. Choosing is the hard part.

The housing market is just as impressive. Here you’ll find a wide selection of single-family homes, townhomes, and condos at just about every price range.

The city’s waterfront condos are just a stone’s throw from stores and restaurants, while its idyllic single-family homes are tucked away in the quieter sections of town. You’ll also find a bunch of properties in between, hitting the sweet spot between privacy and proximity to the city’s fantastic amenities.

To learn more about Long Beach’s myriad communities, feel free to contact me, Michael Thue. I specialize in all the property types mentioned above, helping clients find desirable homes in the city.

Long Beach is pet-friendly

Dog lovers will enjoy living in Long Beach – you can bring your four-legged friends just about anywhere. But fur parents tend to congregate at Rosie’s Dog Beach, an off-leash dog park right on the SoCal coastline.

There’s also a host of pet-friendly restaurants in town, including The Attic, The Breakfast Bar, and The Ordinarie. Spend more time with your dogs and meet other people who share your love of animals.

It’s within driving distance of other SoCal cities

SoCal is a world-class destination, with famous cities and countless family-friendly attractions, so it only makes sense to want to head out and explore the rest of the area.

Luckily, Long Beach residents have access to Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and the rest of Los Angeles County. Visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Disney Resort, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), and more.

Not that you’ll need to go far from home to have a great time – Downtown Long Beach can hold its own among LA County’s most spectacular cities, with local attractions like the Aquarium of the Pacific and Queen Mary, just to name a few.

It has its own airport

Although LAX is only roughly 22 miles away, Long Beach does have its own airport just three miles east of Downtown. Long Beach Airport has 11 gates, offering domestic flights to Phoenix, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Honolulu, and San Francisco, among other destinations.

The terminal itself is a sight to behold. Known for its distinctive Art Deco architecture, Long Beach Airport offers resort-style amenities that include a palm garden, wine bars, and outdoor dining with fire pits. Your vacation starts here.

Living close to the water is good for you

It turns out that there’s more to beachfront living than the prestige and status it exudes. There can be substantial health benefits to it as well – according to the Blue Mind theory, views of the water have a calming and meditative effect on the mind.

Best-selling author and marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols claims that living near the water results in less stress and anxiety, allowing residents to experience elevated but sustained happiness. He calls it the antidote to Red Mind, which is the state of being anxious and over-stimulated common among those who live in urban areas.

So if you feel like disconnecting and falling into a more relaxed lifestyle, waterfront living in Long Beach might be for you.

Finally convinced? Let me, Michael Thue, help you find the perfect Long Beach home. I help clients buy and sell single-family homes, townhomes, and condos in the city. You can reach me at 562.299.3583 and Michael(at)socaltophomes(dotted)com.

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