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Top 8 Best restaurants in Long Beach, CA

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Long Beach, CA, is a wonderful location that is full of wonderful amenities. I have been blessed to live in this area for a number of years, and this has allowed me to find the best spots. There are so many things to do in Long Beach, CA, and it is a location that you can get bored of. One of the best things about living in Long Beach CA is the plethora of fantastic restaurants available. If you are a foodie, then you will immediately fall in love with Long Beach. There is something to suit everyone’s taste, and below I will go through the top 10 restaurants that you can find Long Beach.

  1. Simmzy’s

    If you want to go somewhere that provides a fantastic atmosphere alongside top service, then you should definitely check out Simmzy’s. There is a nice communal vibe that ensures everyone is relaxed. Some of the standouts that I definitely recommend are the pizzas, fish tacos, and chicken sandwiches. The restaurant also has an excellent selection of beer and wines.

    You can find Simmzy’s on 5271 East 2nd Street Long Beach, CA 90803.

  2. Edna’s Filipino Cuisine

    If you’re in the mood for some fantastic Filipino cuisine, then you should head on over to Edna’s. This casual setting has some amazing food for you to try at affordable prices. Their top selections include deep-fried pork belly and Lechon.

    They are located on 2540 Santa Fe Ave Long Beach, CA 90810.

  3. The Ordinarie

    If you’re looking for a tavern that hits the spot, then be sure to check out The Ordinaire. They have some awesome comfort food, such as lobster roll and pot pie. The portions are big, and there is also a fantastic bar that serves a range of cocktails and beers.

    Be sure to visit the Ordinaire on Long Beach, CA 90802.

  4. Ammatoli Mediterranean Bites

    Sometimes you will be in the mood for some wonderful Mediterranean food. It is definitely one of my favorite types, and in Ammotli, you can find delicious and healthy Mediterranean food choices. This is a restaurant that is inspired by dishes from Israel, Turkey, Palestine, Jordan, and beyond. The trendy atmosphere makes it a fantastic downtown spot to visit with friends.

    You can find them at 285 E 3rd St Long Beach, CA 90802.

  5. Restauration

    The catchy play on words will draw you in, and the modern healthy food choices will make you stay. If you want to go somewhere that sources Californian ingredients, then this is the place to check out. They utilize responsible growers, and their seasonal choices of ingredients mean their sourcing is less wasteful. You should definitely try their specialties such as roasted duck, burgers, and short ribs. Additionally, they have a great selection of craft beer.

    Head on over to Restauration at 2708 East 4th Street Long Beach, CA 90814.

  6. The Sky Room

    If you want to enjoy dinner with a view, then be sure to check out The Sky Room. They are located on top of a hotel that provides spectacular views of the city. The restaurant itself is also highly rated and is a favorite of the locals. This an upscale place in which you can enjoy a fantastic range of seafood. Don’t forget to check out the extensive dessert menu, either.

    Check out this fantastic restaurant on 40 South Locust Avenue Long Beach, CA 90802.

  7. The Attic

    If you’re in the mood for something southern, then you need to go to The Attic. They have great menus for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. They specialize in unique twists on classic southern comfort foods. If you go for brunch, then be sure to check out their chicken and waffles.

    You can find The Attic on 3441 East Broadway Long Beach, CA 90803.

  8. 4th and Olive

    For the best French-inspired cuisine, you need to check out 4th and Olive. They specialize in fresh and organic produce, which is inspired by the French countryside. The meals are incredibly tasty, and they are prepared in a careful manner. Be sure to try the pork loins chops and venison hash.

    4th and Olive is located at 743 East 4th Street Long Beach, CA 90802

Overall, there are many fantastic restaurants in Long Beach, CA, for you to enjoy. Whether you are with family or friends, you can choose a spot that will be suitable for everyone. There is so much to explore when living in Long Beach, CA.

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