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Waterfront Home Business Ideas to Try

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Looking for waterfront homes for sale in Southern California? You’re in the right place – Long Beach just happens to have an impressive selection of waterfront condos for every lifestyle.

But more than a status symbol, owning a waterfront home in Long Beach is the gift that keeps on giving.

Apart from spectacular views and proximity to the city’s best known attractions, the waterfront is one of the best places to start a business in Long Beach, making it a strategic location for those who have an entrepreneurial streak.

Here are some home-based waterfront business ideas to explore.

Seasonal business ideas

Don’t feel like operating a home-based business year round? Try seasonal businesses that only switch into full gear during the holidays. Sell flowers and assemble bouquets for Mother’s Day. Make hand-painted Christmas cards in December. Prepare artisanal chocolate in time for Valentine’s Day. The possibilities are endless.

Running a seasonal business not only gives you more flexibility, it also helps prevent burn-out. Moreover, it allows you to gauge local demand for goods and services without having to make significant investments.

Water sports rentals

One of the most popular waterfront home-based business ideas is renting out gear for water activities. Take advantage of your location by catering to locals and tourists who want to head out on the water, but don’t have their own gear.

Your choices are virtually limitless – kayaks, pedal boats, paddle boards, and floaters are just some of the types of gear you can rent out to customers.

You can even rent out picnic chairs, beach umbrellas, and foldable tables to those who just want to lounge by the water.


Tourists will need plush accommodations for their weekend getaways, so why not offer your home? Waterfront condos tick off every box in the must-stay Airbnb checklist – views of the Pacific, access to local attractions and amenities, stylish furnishings, and more.

If you have a natural flair for hosting and interior décor, then this business idea might be for you.

However, if you decided to turn your coveted waterfront home into a vacation home, keep in mind that the City Council will soon impose rules and regulations on short-term rentals. Click here for updates.

Information center and walking tours

The waterfront is home to Long Beach’s most famous attractions, drawing droves of tourists each year. That’s why it’s the perfect spot to set up a visitor information center. You can introduce tourists to the city’s storied past and rich heritage right at your very own living room.

You can also turn your home-based business into the starting point for guided or self-guided walking tours that will take newcomers to various points of interest across the city. All you need is a map and encyclopedic knowledge of Long Beach culture and history.

Art studio

Do you have a passion for art? Do you want to nurture other people’s creativity? Why not turn a room of your home into an artists’ studio? Long Beach counts many artists and art lovers among its residents. There’s bound to be great interest in painting, drawing, pottery, sculpture, and woodwork classes.

Fitness classes

How does yoga at the waterfront sound? If you’re a certified trainer or instructor, you can teach fitness classes in your own home. When converting your living room into a studio, you’ll only need to invest in minimal equipment, gear, and glass walls depending on the kind of classes you want to offer.

You can also do house visit for those who want their own personal trainer.

Better yet, host outdoor classes – early morning yoga, rooftop Pilates, group hikes, and HIIT classes are best enjoyed in the California sunshine.

Business laws and regulations in Long Beach, CA

The City of Long Beach imposes the following laws and regulations on home-based businesses under the Home Occupation Standard Rules of Operation:

  • The primary use of the home should be residential
  • Only the resident of the home can engage or be employed with the business
  • Only a maximum of two residents can be employed with the business at any given time
  • No business signs or markers can be placed outside the home, and any vehicles bearing the business’ name or logo must be parked in such a way that they are not on public view
  • No equipment other than that intended for home leisure or entertainment purposes may be used on the premises
  • Flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, or radioactive materials may not be store on-site

Click here for the full list of rules and regulations for home-based businesses.

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