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5 reasons to buy a waterfront home

Living by the water is a dream only a few people get to achieve. But while such homes undoubtedly cost a pretty penny, they are often worth the money. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Stellar views and healthier living
  2. One of the main reasons waterfront homes are so desirable is the unmatched scenery they provide. Owners of waterfront homes in Newport Beach, for example, get to set their eyes on calming blue waters and dramatic sunsets every single day.

    And it’s not just about picture-perfect views, either. Results from a 2016 study showed that people who livein “blue spaces” are less stressed and mentally healthier than those who live in cities with green spaces. Being around nature also means fresher air for your lungs and more time under the sun for vitamin D.

  3. Privacy and exclusivity
  4. Living in the city is often accompanied by the stresses associated with urban living – traffic, noise pollution, and the propensity to eat processed or fast food, to name a few. Say goodbye to all of that when you live by the water, in an area where peace and quiet rule. With their limited supply and private locations, waterfront homes provide a heightened sense of exclusivity as well. This is one of the many reasons why beachfront homes for sale in Southern California are in such high demand. So if comfort and relaxation are what you want, a neighborhood like Newport Beach is exactly the kind of place you should check out.

  5. Recreational opportunities
  6. All kinds of recreational activities are readily available to you if you live by the water. You can go for a swim or sunbathe on the beach as you please. If you’re looking for excitement, you can try watersports like kayaking or kitesurfing.

    In Long Beach, you can go sailing and join whale-watching tours. If you want to take a break from the water, tee off at the nearby Bixby Golf Course or Recreation Park 18 Golf Course.

  7. High value
  8. The prized locations and limited supply of waterfront homes don’t only make them more expensive than standard homes, they also provide a bigger rate of return on your investment. This is especially true for homes by the ocean, the values of which are higher than those by a river or lake. Waterfront homes also cost more than double that of standard homes in the US. So if you want a great investment, your best bet would be to buy in a city like Long Beach, where home values and home sales have been on the rise.

  9. Rentability
  10. Renting out your waterfront home is a great way to earn additional income if you don’t intend to make it your primary residence. For your waterfront rental to be a success, market it right by staging it well and taking high-quality photos. After that, put it up on popular rental listings like Airbnb and Vrbo to quickly get eyes on it. Make sure to highlight its best features and point out nearby landmarks. Also, you want your guests to have a luxurious experience, so keep it well-maintained and make upgrades if you have to.

Why buy a waterfront home in Southern California?

  • The beaches are gorgeous
  • From iconic shores to secluded sandy spots, Southern California has it all. If you’re looking to enjoy activities like beach volleyball and kite surfing, check out Santa Monica Beach and Newport Beach. Meanwhile, El Matador Beach and Crystal Cove State Park offer scenic settings and quiet city escapes.

  • Weather is never a problem
  • Southern California residents rarely worry about the weather. With very little rainfall, the area is blessed with year-round sunshine – and you’ll never have to shovel snow during wintertime.

    Newport Beach residents, for example, experience nice warm highs of only around 73°F and cool lows of just around 48°F. This gives residents the whole year to go out and do anything they want without the weather getting in the way.

  • There are lots of things to do
  • Recreational possibilities are endless in Southern California. Outdoors lovers can enjoy hiking on the scenic trails of Hike Run Canyon, biking along “The Strand” bicycle path, and camping under the stars at Crystal Cove State Park. If you’re more into city attractions, you can shop along Retro Row, spot diverse marine life at the Aquarium of the Pacific, and view amazing art at The Museum of Latin American Art.

When looking for waterfront homes for sale in Southern California, Long Beach should be on top of your list. Contact me, Michael Thue, at 562.299.3583 or send me an email at Michael(at)SoCalTopHomes(dotted)com to find the dream home you deserve. You can also fill out my contact form here.

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