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When putting a home on the market, the goal is to maximize its profit potential and complete the transaction within a timeframe that works with your own plans to buy a home.

To help you get a better understanding of what you need to do to sell a home, you need to take time to gather more information about the home selling process. This will allow you to make well-informed decisions, create a sound marketing and selling plan, and increase the likelihood of getting a top-dollar offer for your home.

Planning to put real estate for sale in Long Beach, CA? Here are a few important things to consider:

Set a fair and competitive price

The price you decide for your home will set the stage for the entire selling process. To help you determine the right price, you’ll need the services of a real estate agent, preferably one who specializes in your neighborhood and has sold a fair amount of properties.

Your real estate agent will provide information on comparable sales and give you an estimated value for your home, known as comparative market analysis. While you might be able to get an estimate from websites like, it’s better to depend on the knowledge and expertise of a real estate agent if you want to get an accurate opinion of value.

Staging your home

Staging is one of the best ways to boost a home’s appeal and selling potential. To start, consider getting rid of or storing any bulky pieces of furniture you currently have, as homes that appear more spacious usually attract more potential buyers.

There are several options when it comes to staging: you can either do it yourself and ask your agent for assistance, or hire a professional stager (professional staging is already included in the services of some agents).

Be accommodating when it comes to viewings

The thought of allowing strangers inside your private property can feel uncomfortable for some first-time sellers. In case the idea bothers you, you might want to consider heading out of town on the first weekend after your home hits the market.

However, you’ll have to accept that allowing buyers inside your home and letting them explore without any interference will be required if you want to successfully sell it. In fact, many real estate professionals advise owners to vacate the premises whenever a buyer and their agent shows up. In case you do find yourself in this situation, just remember to be careful when mentioning details about your home, as it could be used against you as a seller during negotiations.

Use professional, high quality photography

Professional photography is included with services offered by some listing agents, or they at least have a few recommended photographers available for you to consider. You could choose to take photos of the home yourself, but it’s best to just go with a pro if you don’t really have experience with photography.

Listings with photos that don’t properly showcase the home’s features or ones that simply fail to impress are often glanced over by buyers, who quickly move on to looking at other listings.

In addition to being familiar with the intricacies of photography such as finding the right angle and creating the right lighting, professional photographers know how to highlight a home’s best features. When you hire a pro, you’ll be able to get enticing shots of your home, which will help your online listing stand out and grab the attention of prospective buyers.

Review your online listing

Take time to review the information that appears on your listing to make sure it’s accurate. In case you spot missing features, incorrect details, or anything that could be misleading in the listing, contact your agent immediately so they can revise the information.

While agents try their best to make sure all the details are accurate, you are still the one who knows the property better than anyone else.

Spread the news

Be sure to let your neighbors know your home is for sale – after all, they are the best salespeople since they already know the neighborhood and the advantages of living in the area. Remember to invite them in when you schedule an open house.

It also helps if you share your listing on your social media accounts. Ask your friends, relatives, and coworkers to do the same in order to boost exposure and increase your pool of potential buyers – it won’t cost a single cent!

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